Lorain Better Block

MAY 18, 2019 (Sat), "Off Broadway"

#LorainBetterBlock or #LBB for short is a celebration of the community. We want to temporarily demonstrate what the best block in the City of Lorain could look like. With the help and input of the community, we will be temporarily transforming one section of Lorain to a vibrant space that is friendly to all citizens, regardless of age, ability, or resources!

© Photo by Ron Jantz, courtesy FireFish Festival

A Better Block?

A “better block” is a street designed for users of all ages and abilities. Our Better Block demonstration is a temporary transformation of the built environment and gave communities a chance to test and promote new ideas that can improve their block. Streets that are safe for all road users - walkers, bicyclists, and cars - and promote connectivity are an important tool to revitalize economies. Our Better Block Event allows communities to experience a street built by people, for people without having to go through years of planning and millions of dollars.

#LBB 2018 was a great fun. Watch the video below!

Be Part Of #LBB 2019!

If you want to get involved, please email Eric or Bart

LorainBetterBlock team 2018

Part of LBB2018 organising team after one of the meetings